Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Artist's Way Q&A

Do you ever feel you're not living your best life? Maybe you are starving the creative part of your spirit. I'll be posting information from the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron to help you find your true path in living a more creative life.

Let's start with questions you may have:
Q: Is true creativity the possession of a relatively small percentage of the population?
A: No, absolutely not.We are all creative. Creativity is a natural life force that all can experience in one form or another. Just as blood is part of our physical body and is nothing we must invent, creativity is part of us and we each can tap into the greater creative energies of the universe and pull from that vast, powerful spiritual wellspring to amplify our own individual creativity.

Q: Can I expect dramatic results to begin occurring right away?
A: The answer is both yes and no. While dramatic changes will occur within the twelve-week course, much more dramatic changes occur when Artist's Way tools become life tools. If the basic tools of morning pages and the artist date are kept carefully in place, you can expect to experience large life shifts.

Q: What factors keep people from being creative?
A: Conditioning. Family, friends, and educators may discourage us from pursuing an artist's career. There is the mythology that artists are somehow "different," and this mythology of difference inspires fear. If we have negative perceptions about what an artist is, we will feel less inclined to do the diligent work necessary to become one.

Q: How does this book free people to be more creative?
A: The primary purpose-and effect-of The Artist's Way is to put people in touch with the power of their own internal creativity. The book frees people to be more creative in many different ways: First, it helps dismantle negative mythologies about artists. Second, it helps people discover their own creative force, access it, and express it more freely. Third, it provides people with an awareness about their self-destructive behaviors and allows them to see more clearly what the impediments on their individual path might be. Finally, the book helps people identify and celebrate their desires and dreams and make the plans to accomplish them. It teaches people how to support and nurture themselves as well as how to find others who will support them in fulfilling their dreams.

If you're not convinced yet, I'll continue the Q&A next time. Just be thoughtful about your life and if you think you would benefit from following this path, then join me in a bit of "spring cleaning" to rediscover your creative spirit. Subscribe to the email newsletter for more details. Don't forget to check out the inspirational quotes at the top of my blog for GREAT inspiration!

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